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New view on using Gamepad Controllers

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Re: New view on using Gamepad Controllers

Post by Greensboronclion on Fri 25 May 2018 - 3:03

Yeah I have known there were programs out there for 3C and figured that was what it was but man how much slower can it get. Lol. I probably play a tournament round in less than 30 minutes pretty much all the time as I like to play fast and probably cost myself a few strokes by not slowing down but a slower meter would be a real turnoff to me and I wish it was a tad faster than it is now. To use a program like that there must be a real hunger to win at any cost IMHO. As for the 1st one for motion swing if a video was posted like there was for the controller that would be the end of the mouse swing. Just saying and I hope if there is another JNPG all this is fixed so it can't happen again.


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